In the 3rd week of May 2020, the Passion team, which is under of Mensa Group, located in Nigeria, organized a CSR program entitled “Sharing is caring” as a form of support and concern for the state and citizens of Nigeria in the midst of this Covid19 virus pandemic. The support was provided in basic food packages containing basic food, vitamin C, hand sanitizers, masks, soap and of course Passion energy drink.

In collaboration with Orange Drugs Ltd. (Mensa Group’s business partner in Nigeria), the Passion team prepared and distributed directly about approximately 3000 packages of basic necessities to several hospitals and surrounding communities in need. The distribution of groceries is carried out in 4 cities in Nigeria, that are Lagos (Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Yaba Hospital for Infectious Disease and Lagos State Infectious Disease Food Bank), Kano (Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital and Kano Infectious Disease Hospital), Onitsha (Onitsha General Hospital) and Asaba (Federal Medical Center Asaba).

This “Sharing is caring” activity will also be extended to Ghana on the same week. Hopefully this kind of support from Mensa Group will always be well received in Nigeria.