Coverage of Primaniyarta Award for Landson in KOMPAS.COM

The struggle of Landson team and Mensa Group International Division in penetrating the risky and difficult African market led to significant achievements in the eyes of exporters. On October 16, 2019 in the opening of Trade Expo Indonesia 2019 at ICE BSD City, Landson was represented by ...

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Landson Receives PRIMANIYARTA AWARD 2019

 The biggest annually exhibition for import export entrepreneurs, Trade Expo Indonesia 2019 (TEI 2019), was held on October 16-20 2019 at ICE BSD City Tangerang. Mensa Group, represented by two ...

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Mensa Group Kick Off Budget and President Letter 2020

The Mensa Group has re-entered the period of budget preparation and work plans for 2020. In order to obtain sharp planning and in order to determine the right strategy in carrying out organizational development, Mensa Group held a Kick Off Budget and President Letter 2020 event ...

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