The Mensa Group has re-entered the period of budget preparation and work plans for 2020. In order to obtain sharp planning and in order to determine the right strategy in carrying out organizational development, Mensa Group held a Kick Off Budget and President Letter 2020 event to start the budgeting processes.

The main agenda of the event, which was held on September 26, 2019 at the Omega Ballroom at the Mensa Encore Building, was to hear directions from Mr. Jimmy Sudharta (CEO of Mensa Group) regarding the main focus of Mensa Group in 2020. Attended by around 160 people from Mensa Group managerial level, the event began with prayer by dr. James, who immediately continued with Mr. Jimmy’s directions.

In his speech that afternoon, Mr. Jimmy conveyed the importance of developing professional organizations quantitatively and qualitatively in order to support the business and operations of the company. And also to be highlighted by the participant is to develop business with the right calculations and minimize inefficient operating costs to reduce losses.

It is hoped that with direction from the CEO of Mensa Group, the 2020 budgeting process will  run smoothly, and managerial levels will be able to make an aplicable and good work plans. So that in the end Mensa Group can answer all external challenges and improve performance in 2020 and in the years to come.