The heat from the sun of North Jakarta sky on April, 2nd 2016 did not shake off PT. Menjangan Sakti’s and M-Health Tech’s spirit to help those in needs by implementing corporate social responsibility program of free medical check-up and treatment at Kampung Sawah – Semper Cilincing. Other business unit of Mensa Group such as Landson, OTTO and MBS also gave their contributions in this noble program by giving medicines and other health care products for free. The CSR program itself consisted of several events such as online and offline free medical check-up and treatments for people of Kampung Sawah, and also educating the children of Kampung Sawah about health through fun learning.

In this CSR program, PT. Menjangan Sakti collaborated with eight doctors and five nurses from RS Mitra Keluarga Kemayoran to provide offline free medical check-up and treatments. And also, Link Dokter Team and HaloDoc Team from M-Health Tech also gave their support by providing online medical check-up and treatments ‘e-baksos’ to more than 280 people who came since morning till late afternoon. Not far from the free medical check-up and treatment venue, was seen the enthusiasm of children who joined the education of health program by counseling them about dengue fever and the infection of upper respiratory system by Link Dokter Team.

Through this noble program, PT. Menjangan Sakti and M-Health Tech wished to enhance the quality of health and life of people of Kampung Sawah Cilincing as written on Mensa Group’s purpose which is ‘to enhance the quality of life through accessible wellness solutions’.