Mensa Group is one of the most recognized and respected Health Care,
Logistic and Value Added companies in Indonesia. At 1981,
the continuous growth of PT Menjangan Sakti has provided
the company with the ability and resources to expand into related business.

Mensa Group offers accelerated marketing, manufacturing and
distribution by enhancing the quality of life through accessible wellness solutions in
diversified activities such as:
» Importing Goods and Trading Raw Materials for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Feed
» Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods Manufacturing.
» International Marketing Distribution.
» Medical and Dental Equipment Manufacturing and Supplies.
» Pharmaceutical Hospital/Medical Supplies and Consumer Goods Distribution.
» Health Care Business.
» Online Pharmaceutical Business.

CEO Message

April 1975 marked the new beginning of Mensa Group, when PT Menjangan Sakti (Mensa) as the first company was established – as a trading house initially it concentrated towards trading Pharmaceutical raw materials before expanding to food, feed and cosmetics in the later years.

With time and through perseverance, PT Menjangan Sakti gains the necessary respect and trust form creditors and overseas institutions; including securing several reputable and world class overseas principals. Steady growth over the years, has allowed the company to expand and diversify.

It is the group’s philosophy to commit to certain values in business such as trust; reliability and punctuality. For the future, it is the group’s commitment to mark our position in the healthcare business and our other core business in Indonesia; giving priority to research and development, improving marketing activities (increasing strategic alliances) and distribution channels. Supported by advanced technology (IT) communication and interaction with other counterparts all over the world seems borderless. So, under this circumstance, we are ready to interact and counteract; not only are we keen to promote the export of our products overseas, we also welcome potential overseas partners to cooperate with us, such as through under license allowing us to produce and promote their products in Indonesia.

Your sincerely,